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Coco Moon

The Coco Moon brand was born from a deep connection to Hawaii's island culture and a desire to create meaningful products for families. With a mission to support local communities, Coco Moon established a giving back program in 2017, donating 1% of sales each month to organizations making a positive impact. Over the years, they have contributed to over 50 Hawaii non-profit organizations and focused donations on supporting the Kapiʻolani Medical Center's NICU, showing a commitment to giving back to the community that has given them so much.

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Product type
On Sale
Plumeria Security BlanketPlumeria Security Blanket
Nalu Security BlanketNalu Security Blanket
Hibiscus Kiss Bow HeadbandHibiscus Kiss Bow Headband
Shell-abrate Muslin Swaddle BlanketShell-abrate Muslin Swaddle Blanket
Kuʻu Home O Hawaiʻi Bamboo OnesieKuʻu Home O Hawaiʻi Bamboo Onesie
Surf Report Shortie Bamboo RomperSurf Report Shortie Bamboo Romper
Pot O' Aloha Security Blanket
Plumeria Muslin Swaddle BlanketPlumeria Muslin Swaddle Blanket
Plumeria Bow HeadbandPlumeria Bow Headband
Honu Honi Security BlanketHonu Honi Security Blanket
Nalu Baby QuiltNalu Baby Quilt
Coco Moon
Nalu Baby Quilt Sale price$67.00
Vintage Pareo Short Bamboo PajamasVintage Pareo Short Bamboo Pajamas
Vintage Pareo Throw BlanketVintage Pareo Throw Blanket
Vintage Pareo Muslin Swaddle BlanketVintage Pareo Muslin Swaddle Blanket
Vintage Pareo Bamboo OnesieVintage Pareo Bamboo Onesie
Vintage Pareo Polo Bamboo RomperVintage Pareo Polo Bamboo Romper
Vintage Pareo Long Bamboo PajamasVintage Pareo Long Bamboo Pajamas
Vintage Pareo BibVintage Pareo Bib
Coco Moon
Vintage Pareo Bib Sale price$10.00
Vintage Pareo Bamboo Polo ShirtVintage Pareo Bamboo Polo Shirt
Vintage Pareo Multi Use CoverVintage Pareo Multi Use Cover
Vintage Pareo Bamboo CoverallVintage Pareo Bamboo Coverall
Vintage Pareo Burp ClothVintage Pareo Burp Cloth
Vintage Pareo Bamboo Layette Gown
Vintage Pareo Bamboo Newborn Coverall
Vintage Pareo Bamboo Knotted Hat
Vintage Pareo Bamboo DressVintage Pareo Bamboo Dress
Vintage Pareo Baby QuiltVintage Pareo Baby Quilt
Rainbow Shave Ice Bamboo Newborn Coverall
Rainbow Shave Ice Tank Top Bamboo RomperRainbow Shave Ice Tank Top Bamboo Romper
Rainbow Shave Ice Short Bamboo PajamasRainbow Shave Ice Short Bamboo Pajamas
Rainbow Shave Ice Bamboo OnesieRainbow Shave Ice Bamboo Onesie
Rainbow Shave Ice Bamboo CoverallRainbow Shave Ice Bamboo Coverall
Rainbow Shave Ice Long Bamboo PajamasRainbow Shave Ice Long Bamboo Pajamas
Rainbow Shave Ice Layette Gown
Rainbow Shave Ice Security BlanketRainbow Shave Ice Security Blanket
Rainbow Shave Ice Bamboo Polo ShirtRainbow Shave Ice Bamboo Polo Shirt
Rainbow Shave Ice Bamboo Knotted Hat
Rainbow Shave Ice Baby QuiltRainbow Shave Ice Baby Quilt
Rainbow Shave Ice Muslin Swaddle BlanketRainbow Shave Ice Muslin Swaddle Blanket
Wayfinding BibWayfinding Bib
Coco Moon
Wayfinding Bib Sale price$10.00
Wayfinding Long Bamboo PajamasWayfinding Long Bamboo Pajamas
Wayfinding Silicone TeetherWayfinding Silicone Teether
Wayfinding Multi Use CoverWayfinding Multi Use Cover
Wayfinding Tank Top Bamboo RomperWayfinding Tank Top Bamboo Romper
Wayfinding Short Bamboo PajamasWayfinding Short Bamboo Pajamas
Wayfinding Bamboo T-shirt DressWayfinding Bamboo T-shirt Dress
Plumeria Bamboo DressPlumeria Bamboo Dress
Wayfinding Bamboo TeeWayfinding Bamboo Tee
Wayfinding Bamboo CoverallWayfinding Bamboo Coverall
Wayfinding Burp ClothWayfinding Burp Cloth