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Flensted Mobiles was founded in 1953 by Danish husband and wife team, Christian and Grethe Flensted. Today, the Flensted mobile has become an iconic symbol of modern kids’ design. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality, Flensted creates mobiles that are both beautiful and inspirational, allowing you to customize your space to your needs, while bringing you happiness and positive energy. Each mobile is designed with care and precision in Flensted's studio in Denmark, ensuring that each one is a true work of art.

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Product type
Flensted Cherry Birds Mobile
Cherry Birds Sale price$82.00
Flensted Ugly Duckling MobileFlensted Ugly Duckling Mobile
Ugly Duckling Sale price$38.00
Flensted Balloons MobileFlensted Balloons Mobile
Balloons Sale priceFrom $31.00
Flensted Swallow MobileFlensted Swallow Mobile
Swallow Sale priceFrom $38.00
Flensted Scandinavian Swan Mobile
Scandinavian Swan Sale price$38.00
Flensted Niels Bohr Atom Model Mobile
Niels Bohr Atom Model Sale price$66.00
Flensted Lundstrøm 1932 Mobile
Lundstrøm 1932 Sale price$65.00
Flensted Flying Flowers MobileFlensted Flying Flowers Mobile
Flying Flowers Sale price$83.00
Flensted Hugging Bears Mobile
Hugging Bears Sale price$39.00
Flensted Science Fiction Ellipse MobileFlensted Science Fiction Ellipse Mobile
Science Fiction Ellipse Sale priceFrom $274.00
Flensted Automobile MobileFlensted Automobile Mobile
Automobile Sale price$51.00
Flensted Hedgehog Family MobileFlensted Hedgehog Family Mobile
Hedgehog Family Sale price$42.00
Flensted Prize Hen MobileFlensted Prize Hen Mobile
Prize Hen Sale price$38.00
Flensted Mirage MobileFlensted Mirage Mobile
Mirage Sale price$69.00
Flensted Futura MobileFlensted Futura Mobile
Futura Sale price$85.00
Flensted Flowing Rhythm MobileFlensted Flowing Rhythm Mobile
Flowing Rhythm Sale price$66.00
Flensted Mirage Large Mobile
Mirage Large Sale price$411.00
Flensted Moomin version ll 2014 Mobile
Moomin version ll 2014 Sale price$51.00
Flensted Starry Nights 7 Mobile
Starry Nights 7 Sale price$96.00
Flensted Airflow Pure White Mobile
Airflow Pure White Sale priceFrom $66.00
Flensted Drifting Clouds MobileFlensted Drifting Clouds Mobile
Drifting Clouds Sale price$185.00
Flensted Splash
Splash Sale price$120.00